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African safari
Look for wildlife while driving into the sunset.

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The Big Five used to roam free across most of Africa, but due to the ever-increasing human population their numbers have dwindled vastly. So where will you find the Big 5 today? The best safaris in Africa are found predominantly in the southern and eastern regions of Africa. The best countries for the ultimate safari experience in Africa include:


South African national animal on a Big 5 game drive
South Africa


National animal of Bostwana on a Big 5 safari


Tanzanian national animal on a Big 5 game reserve


Kenyan national animal and Big 5 member


Namibian national animal on a Big 5 game farm


Zimbabwean national animal at a Big 5 game lodge


In these countries you will find game reserves offering all types of safaris and a variety of luxury accommodation from tented camps and treetop lodges to stylish bungalows and world-class game lodges.

Each safari destination is different, but strives to give you a true African experience. Numerous facilities and amenities will make you feel right at home, while the fact that you are nestled right in the midst of nature will ensure a feeling of paradise. Various adventures and activities will keep you busy at all times of the day and each country offers something unique. Learn about the Rain Queen in South Africa, the migratory marvel of the wildebeest through the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya or find out about gorilla conservation in Uganda. Right at the top of the list is definitely the search for the Big 5: the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and African buffalo.

Big 5 Safari’s blog provides interesting tales and useful tips about visiting Africa. For first-hand, personal experiences have a look at the reviews to see what others who have explored Africa had to say. Once you have had an African escapade of your own, why not submit a review too? Here you can relive the amazing memories you made and share the knowledge of your trip with others who have done the same or with those looking to set out to Africa for the first time.


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